5-36 months My Baby is Growing Sleep Training Program

It is a counseling program in which we proceed to the basics of secure attachment by cutting off the support step by step with smooth transitions for babies who are between 5-36 months old and can not go to sleep on their own without certain supports when they are rocked to sleep, breastfed, snuggled into sleep, put to bed and wake up frequently at night.

Program Content

· Before starting the program, we would like you to fill out the forms we sent you to know about you and your baby's sleep and current schedule.

· We would like you to submit a picture of your baby's sleeping place in order to evaluate whether your baby's sleeping environment is suitable for healthy sleep and to make the necessary corrections.

In line with the information we receive, we prepare a very detailed sleep plan for you and send it to you, and we answer all your questions about the sleep plan before the training by making a phone call.

From the first days we took action, we move forward by evaluating the reactions of your baby while breaking the existing sleep associations with smooth transitions step by step.

When we start the plan, we ask you to fill in the sleep diaries in order to evaluate your baby's sleep in the process.

· During the 21-day training process, we follow the progress of the process with whatsapp and phone calls every day except Sundays.

When you graduate, we send you a very detailed dossier containing information on the factors that may affect your baby's sleep in the next month groups and how you can maintain the current order from now on.

  • Education Type : Online Education

  • Age Group : 0 – 3 Months

  • Program duration : 10 days

  • Education Fee :