About Me

Hello, I'm Seda Barabiko

I was born and raised in Istanbul. I live in Istanbul.

I am married and have a 3.5-year-old son. I started my education life again in Istanbul and completed my undergraduate education at Istanbul Kültür University with the title of Psychological Counselor. During my university education, I received the Child Assessment and Attention Tests and also the practitioner certificates of the MMPI Test.

After my graduation, I started my business life at a private college. Then, surprisingly, I learned that I was pregnant and everything actually started with the birth of my son. Before my son was born, sleepless nights followed the days while I was aware that sleep is such a precious need for human life. Before the birth, I said I would never shake my baby to sleep, so long as he could sleep, I used to shake my baby standing up, in the lap, in the hammock, and even on the blanket. Even if the people around me are 40, it will be fine, my daughter, after 3 months, it will get better. Just be patient. I couldn't eat or sleep. All I did was a vicious sleep. Despite all my efforts, my baby was able to sleep in an average time of sleep for 30 minutes. Shaking was not actually a solution. When I typed it in the search engine, sleep counseling pages started to open. When I heard about such a counseling, I sought help by frantically calling a sleep counselor for my son as a last resort. As my son and family, we also had our sleep at the end of the training. When I regained my sleep, I felt like a newborn. So what happened that I became a pregnant and baby sleep consultant?

There were mothers around me who were mothers and coped with insomnia like me during the pandemic process. They called me and asked me questions about sleep training. During this process, they couldn't help but add something they were afraid of to their questions. 'What if we break the bond of trust between my baby and me, what if my baby cries a lot and doesn't love me anymore' Because in general, the sleep counselors would not take into account the mother's emotional bond and the baby's emotional well being too much into account. While I wanted to help mothers who had reservations about this issue and whose spouse relations were damaged due to insomnia, who were exhausted, who did not feel well, who even triggered postpartum depression and whose psychology was impaired, I came across an education program that promised to help babies and their families with holistic practices as a result of my research.

The address was the Pregnant and Baby Sleep Counseling training of the USA International Parenting and Health Institute. I started my education and completed my education in a short time. In this institute, just as each individual's fingerprints are not the same, each baby's sleep pattern and temperament are different from each other. Each baby had the same perspective. While doing research on my son's sleep training process, I found methods that generally include learned helplessness methods and ignore the underlying message of babies' crying and behavior. During my certification process, I realized that this is the place that I value the most, which does not harm a baby's most basic feeling, especially in the 0-3 age period, which is the secure attachment, and where I aim to break the shyness and prejudices of mothers about sleep training. After completing the training, I started to provide sleep counseling to families trying to cope with insomnia. My aim is to help all families with babies who have sleep problems break their preconceptions about sleep training and guide them through this adventure and help them achieve the happy and peaceful sleep they dream of.