9 months old

Baran Yusuf Baby

Ayşegül Hanım, mother of Baran Yusuf, says,

Seda lady.

I have always been very afraid of sleep training. But I got over this fear with you.

I had a baby who woke up every half hour at night and wanted to breastfeed very often, he used to go to bed very late, but now these problems have disappeared.

He goes to bed early and doesn't wake up often. I would like to thank you very much for planning according to my busy life, for your interest outside of work, and for understanding mother and baby psychology very well.

I'm glad I met you, I was really happy during the training process we spent with you. Because I am a mother who thinks about my baby's psychology, and you acted as she wanted without making my baby cry too much.

Sleeping baby, we became a happy family thanks to you