12 months old

Burçak Baby

Sema Hanım, mother of 12-month-old Burçak baby, says,

Burçak was a sleepless baby with special needs. He wouldn't get up every hour at night and dive back without taking a few sips of formula, and lately he's been waking up at night and staying awake for a few hours lately. Daytime naps were a disaster. He would wake up as soon as we put him to sleep in our lap and put him to bed. If he slept for half an hour, we would be happy. At first, my wife and I tried to give Burçak sleep training with our own methods, but it took a long time for her to fall asleep and her waking up at night never decreased.

Finally, we decided to join the sleeping babies family. This road we went out with Ms. Seda was a little longer than the other babies, but in the end, we are a sleeping family too. Sleeping hours and signals told us everything carefully, Ms. Seda and finally we succeeded.

Our daytime sleeps have been regulated, even now we wake him up so that he does not sleep too much. We continue as a dream meal at night, and the waking up has decreased to one or two, and then he sleeps back without support. Thank you very much to Ms. Seda for everything (especially her patience).

Sema-Murat KAYA