12 months old

Deniz Baby

Ms. Güliz, the mother of 12-month-old Deniz, says,

When my baby was five months old, I wanted to give him sleep training because he was a colic baby, so he got used to breastfeeding and rocking on his lap. We had routines, and he slept long naps during the day, but his frequent waking up at night and his method of putting me to sleep started to wear me out over time. It was getting heavy, and the shaking was no longer effective. As of the fifth month, I had to postpone my sleep training initiatives for various reasons. When I was 10 months old, I made a sleep training trial myself based on the sources I read. While I was going well, I met Deniz's resistance in a way that I did not understand, I decided to finish the process and get professional support, thinking that I did something wrong. Because he is both mentally and physically exhausted.

and I was feeling exhausted. When my baby was 11 months old, we contacted @sedabarabiko on the Sleeping babies page and started the process with Ms. Seda.

Even though my daughter's resistance made us go through a long marathon, we did not give up, we also resisted and Deniz has come a long way on the way to efficient sleep. The sea no longer sleeps by sucking and shaking. He hardly ever wakes up at night, although he wakes up, he now manages to calm himself down and go back to sleep on his own...

I would like to thank Ms. Seda, who worked with sincerity, patience and devotion with my daughter, who was a difficult baby, and her worn out mother throughout the process. You're welcome. Love...