17 months old

Eylül Baby

Eylul's mother Dilan says,

When my daughter woke up 10 times a night, I said it's time to put a stop to this, and I researched and found you. From the very first day, night wakings stopped. This was impossible for me. But died. My daughter used to sleep by sucking and she would wake up almost every 20 minutes at night, but now both she and I can sleep at night without interruption.

In this process, you patiently answered all my questions.

Thank you for giving me new perspectives and giving us deep sleep. I hope this message will inspire mothers who don't dare and cry too much. Start without fear for yourself and your baby.

While you take one step, your baby takes 3 to 5 steps and when you open your eyes one morning, you say that you never woke up at night.

Dilan & Ertugrul Sendogan