Home Visits Program

With this program, families living in Istanbul who want to receive face-to-face counseling for their baby's sleep problems can achieve peaceful and healthy sleep step by step, without leaving their baby crying, without strict and behavioral practices based on holistic and secure attachment.

Program Content

· Before starting the program, we would like you to fill out the forms we sent you to know about you and your baby's sleep and current schedule.

· In line with the information we receive, I prepare a very detailed sleep plan for you.

· I come to visit you at home with your Sleep Plan and observe your child's sleeping environment and current sleeping habits. We prepare face to face together at your home for all scenarios you may encounter.

I visit you at home on the day you start the program and on the first day that we have determined together and we will put your baby to sleep in his bed, and I examine your applications one-to-one at home and observe how you put your baby to sleep in the new order.

From the first days we took action, we move forward by evaluating the reactions of your baby while breaking the existing sleep associations with smooth transitions step by step.

· During the 21-day education period, we closely monitor your child's sleep patterns and progress every day except Sunday, and we evaluate together the difficulties, problems and solution suggestions you encounter while implementing the steps written in the plan, thanks to the conversations we will make with you by phone/whatsapp.

When you graduate, we send you a very detailed dossier containing information on the factors that may affect your baby's sleep in the next month groups and how you can maintain the current order from now on.

  • Education Type : Online Education

  • Age Group : 0 – 3 Months

  • Program duration : 21 days

  • Education Fee :