7.5 months old

Selim Kaan Baby

Selim Kaan's mother, Buse Hanım, says,

Ms. Seda, we can't thank you enough. We thought about sleep training for our son when he was 6 months old, but we had many hesitations. We were afraid that she would not succeed, that she would cry a lot and that she would react, but it was an unbearable situation, and our sleep problem was affecting our whole life negatively. We decided that we should put a stop to this, we started research and reached you through a trusted friend. After we started this process with you, we wished we had started sooner. With your approach, knowledge and experience, you helped my son get used to sleeping without support with soft transitions without overreacting. Unsupported sleep was a difficult dream for us. We had a son who woke up frequently at night who wanted to sleep on the breast all the time. Now, we have a son who sleeps long nights with no breast demand other than his dream meal, and also completes his sleep times during the day and even wakes us up. Thank you for always being able to get answers to our questions easily during this process. As soon as you become the hero of our long sleeps, we would start with your support. We are glad that our paths crossed with you and we are glad that we have completed this process with you. Thank you so much for everything

Buse&Faik Ay