Sleep Counseling Process

Goals of Counseling Programs

· The regularity of sleep, feeding and activity times.

Arranging your baby's schedule according to the month and getting the daily sleep he needs

Recognizing bedtime with pre-sleep routines and going to sleep more calmly

· Regulating day and night sleep.

· Ability to sleep uninterrupted at night. (Even if he wakes up, he can go back to sleep when he doesn't need his parents)

Your baby can fall asleep completely independently in his own room and bed.

Our Consulting Process

· First of all, you fill out a family information form containing detailed questions about your baby and your family, and a sleep diary form in order to understand your baby's daily routine and send it to us.

· You send a picture of your baby's sleeping environment.

· You share a short video showing how you put your baby to sleep.

· We analyze and analyze the information and logs we have received from you and send a detailed step-by-step plan suitable for you and your baby.

Our Follow-up Interviews

· Before the training starts, after you review the plan, we make a phone call with you and answer your questions about the content of the training plan.

· After the training starts, you send us the sleep diary of the previous day every morning.

· In the follow-up process; we review the sleep diaries from you every day.

· We hold follow-up meetings with you via phone/whatsapp, depending on the content of your preferred consultancy program, between 09:00-17:00 every day except Sundays, in order to follow the progress of the plan and make an evaluation.


· After the program we worked with you, we graduate you when we reach the target point in the consultancy program.

· When you graduate, we send you a graduation file on how you will continue your next order.

Return, Postponement and Cancellation Policy

If the families decide on the counseling program, they must contact our consultants and make the payment via the link directed to the specified bank account or by credit card. After the payment is made, the consultancy service is considered to have started.

· Before sending the baby-specific “Sleep Education Plan” to the clients, the clients always reserve the right to withdraw from the counseling service and to request a refund of the fee they have paid.

· Once the "Sleep Training Plan" prepared by our consultants reaches the hands of the families, it is not possible to request a refund by stating that the consultancy service has been abandoned for any reason.

· As soon as the education starts or during the education, if the baby/child who is being educated gets sick, the education is interrupted until the health problem disappears. In this case, no refund will be made. The right of the clients to continue the interrupted education is reserved.

The sleep training program that is not used within 2 months from the date of payment will be canceled and the client will not be refunded.